Helping to end sexual violence and domestic violence and abuse in our communities.


Sexual violence and domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone of any gender, sexuality, ethnicity or age. The impacts of living with violence and abuse can be devastating and its effects are far reaching, impacting on individuals, families and communities.

Sexual violence relates to any unwanted sexual act or activity. It can include, but is not restricted to, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape within a relationship, forced marriage, honour-based violence and female genital mutilation. Sexual violence can be perpetrated by anyone – this could be a stranger or someone known to and trusted by the person.

Domestic violence and abuse occurs when someone in an intimate personal or family relationship uses violence or abuse to control and have power over the other person. It relates to any event, or pattern or events, where someone has behaved in a threatening, violent or abusive way. The abuse could be physical, sexual, emotional, financial or psychological.

Do you or someone you know need help? If you recognise any of the signs below in your relationship or in someone else’s help is available.

  • Forcing, manipulating or coercing someone into doing things
  • Putting someone down and making them feel bad
  • Making someone feel guilty if they don’t spend time with them
  • Looking through someone’s phone, social media or web history
  • Stealing from someone or making them buy things
  • Hitting, slapping or pushing
  • Making someone have sex when they don’t want to
  • Feeling scared of a partner, or feeling stressed, worried and pressurised.

Find more information about the signs of sexual violence and domestic violence and abuse.


16 Days of Action against Violence Against Women and Girls

Enough campaign Government campaign to challenge the abuse of women and girls

“I Just Froze” Rape Crisis Scotland campaign to challenge misconcenptions about sexual abuse

Love Respect Women’s Aid campaign about healthy and unhealthy relationships

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What we are doing to address sexual violence and domestic violence and abuse in Devon

We are committed to ending sexual violence and domestic violence and abuse in Devon, and work with partners to provide effective preventative, early help, support and recovery services to people affected by these issues.

The Interpersonal and Gender-Based Violence and Abuse Strategic Needs Assessment provides a better understanding of the needs in our communities and will help to define a new commissioning strategy around Domestic and Gender-based Violence and Abuse in Devon.

What support is available in Devon?

There are a range of services and organisations in Devon that support victims and survivors to be safe and recover from their trauma. Below is a list of organisations who can provide advice and support in Devon.

Follow this link to get help and advice if you are a young person

Follow this link to get help and advice if you are being abusive or violent


FearLess is the lead provider of the Devon domestic abuse support service.

FearLess works to end domestic abuse and sexual violence in partnership with individuals, communities and other agencies by: 

  • Helping people identify, come to terms with and overcome their difficulties and challenges.
  • Providing high quality support services.
  • Generating solutions that are appropriate to the needs of the individuals and their communities.

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Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Service

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Service offers confidential, professional support to all survivors of rape, sexual violence and/or sexual abuse aged 13 and over and living in Devon (not Plymouth). They also offer support to survivors and their families, friends and partners through their confidential and anonymous helpline and email support service.

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More Positive Me

More Positive Me supports people with low self-esteem and low self-worth to gain knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse and its intricacies. They empower people on their journey to heal and get their lives back on track by supporting their growth, confidence, and self-belief, enabling them to make sense of what happened and move forward with their lives. 

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SAFE (Safe Foundation)

The Safe Foundation supports adults and children experiencing difficulties in life through their experience of domestic abuse. Their community-based therapeutic programmes are delivered through a range of means including individual and group counselling, organisational guidance, training, and workshops. 

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CoLab (Exeter only)

CoLab Women enables and supports women towards building resilience for their futures through a gendered lens that works with what’s strong, not what’s wrong. We take a trauma-informed approach to our work, supporting women to regain their identity and to build self-esteem and confidence.

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North Devon Against Domestic Abuse (NDADA)

NDADA provides temporary refuge, advice and support to women and children who have suffered domestic abuse. They also provide outreach and recovery services including pattern changing, support for parents and children, and counselling. They also aim to educate and inform the public, partners and organisations about domestic abuse.

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Sunrise Diversity (North Devon only)

Sunrise is a grassroots charity promoting equality, diversity and social inclusion in rural communities in Northern Devon. They provide services for those with diverse identities such as migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community, including English classes, a help and support service, and ‘meet and connect’ activity groups. In promoting equality and human rights, Sunrise aims to eradicate violence and abusive practices in society, including abuse and violence towards women and girls.

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Encompass (North Devon only)

Encompass’ ‘Women First’ project is all about supporting women who are rough sleeping, sofa surfing or living in temporary accommodation. Women First is a partnership between Encompass, NDADA and Mind in Somerset.

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Momentum is a peer support group for adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  There are no waiting lists, you will always be in control of what you say, everything is at your pace and about healing from the effects of trauma and abuse. Momentum offers individual and group support and can help you find specialist therapy/ counselling if needed.

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Intercom Trust

The Intercom Trust provides help against homophobic and transphobic prejudice, crime and discrimination. The Trust has specialist LGBT+ domestic abuse workers in Devon who are here to support you.

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Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

The Sexual Assault Referral Centre service provides medical support, examination and counselling after rape or sexual assault across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

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Useful resources and links

In an emergency – Silent 999 Solution

National helplines

    Websites and resources

    Support in other areas of the South West