Helping to reduce alcohol and drug misuse in our communities


Alcohol and drug misuse relates to the use of alcohol and/or drugs which affects someone’s health and wellbeing and those around them. Misuse can involve being dependent on substances or taking them in a way that causes harm. Some substances, such as illegal drugs, cause harm however you take them.

Alcohol and drug misuse becomes an issue when it affects someone’s day-to-day life, feelings and emotions, health, and their relationships with others.

Do you or someone you know need help? If you recognise any of the signs below in yourself or someone else help is available.

  • Increasing use of drugs or alcohol – this could involve taking substances more often, in larger quantities, or substances of greater strength or purity
  • Feeling a need or craving to take substances
  • Changes in psychological health – including changes in mood and emotions
  • Changes in physical health – including feeling unwell, tiredness, loss of appetite
  • Changes in daily life – finding it more difficult to go to work or school, or carry out daily activities
  • Changes in appearance and behaviour

It may not be clear that someone is having difficulties with alcohol or drugs. You may not be aware of how much they are consuming, and they may try to hide this. People can appear well but may be struggling with the effects of substance misuse.


Alcohol Awareness Week

Dry January

One You
NHS England campaign to help you make choices about health and wellbeing

What we are doing to reduce alcohol and drug misuse in Devon

We work with Devon County Council to support the funding and delivery of local alcohol and drug misuse support services. These services help people make appropriate lifestyle choices and reduce dependency on drugs and alcohol, and include specialist support services for people with more complex needs. We also support local and national campaigns to increase awareness of substance misuse.



Together provides support in Devon for adults who wish to address their drug and alcohol use.

Call: 0800 233 54444

Access the Together website


Y-Smart provides support in Devon for young people (under the age of eighteen) who are misusing drugs and alcohol, and for their families.

Call: 01271 388162

Access the Y-SMART website

Stop For Life

Support for stopping smoking for people in Devon.

Call: 0800 122 3866

Access the Stop for Life website

Drink Wise Age Well

Support with alcohol use for people aged over 50.

Call: 0800 304 7034

Access the Drink Wise Age Well website

Victim Care Network

Directory of local support for people affected by issues such as alcohol and drug misuse

Access the Victim Care Network website


Advice and support with alcohol and drug misuse.

Drug misuse: access the Drug Misuse website

Alcohol misuse: access the Alcohol Misuse website 


Information and support for families and friends affected by drug and alcohol misuse.

Access the Adfam website

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