The UK faces a range of terrorist threats including that from religious fundamentalism, nationalism (Northern Ireland) and extreme right-wing ideology.

In 2011, the Government launched the ‘Prevent’ strategy to tackle violent and non-violent extremism of all kinds. As the spearhead of the Government’s domestic counter-terrorism strategy, Prevent’s aim is to safeguard people and communities from the threat of terrorism.

The strategy requires people from all communities to work with police, intelligence officers, the emergency services, local authorities, and the voluntary and community sector to report any concerns they might have about someone becoming radicalised and acting suspiciously.

Indicators of this happening may include:

  • A change in behaviour, their circle of friends, the way that they interact with others and spend their time
  • Accessing extremist material online
  • Use of extremist or hate terms to exclude others or incite violence
  • Producing texts or artwork that promote violent extremist messaging.

At a local level, Safer Devon works with the police, public health, education, fire and rescue services and other community groups to support the Prevent strategy.

We also support national and localised awareness raising campaigns and initiatives that highlight the strategy’s key messages. For more information about these campaigns and initiatives, please follow the link below to the latest resources we hold on this subject.


To confidentially report a perceived threat to life or property, call the anti-terrorist hotline on:

0800 789 321

Or, for emergencies, always call the police:


The Devon Approach

The Devon & Torbay Prevent Partnership which the police, NHS, education, Fire & Rescue service and a number of community groups, recognises that the best long-term solution to preventing terrorism is to stop people becoming radicalised in the first place.

Based on this, our approach in Devon delivers around the following objectives: 

  • Challenge extremist beliefs
  • Disrupt those who promote violent extremism
  • Support individuals who are vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremists
  • Increase resilience of communities to engage with and resist violent extremists
  • Effectively deal with grievances
  • Develop ‘Prevent’ related intelligence, analysis and research
  • Improve strategic communications.


Devon & Cornwall Police

Please supply any concerns you may have about an individual or an institution you suspect may be involved in radicalisation to the police.

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

This hub was established for any safeguarding concerns that are not related to terrorism that the public may have.

0345 155 1071

Anit-Terrorist Hotline

This is a UK police hotline for the public to confidentially report an immediate threat to life or property.

0800 789 321

Educate Against Hate

A digital resource that gives teachers, parents and school leaders practical advice and information on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

Let's Talk About It

An initiative designed to provide practical help and guidance in order to stop people undertaking in terrorist activity or inadvertently support terrorist acts.

Prevent Tragedies

With other partners this is a UK police initiative that helps prevent people from getting drawn into violent extremism and terrorism.

You can view and download for your own use all the latest campaign materials on radicalisation here.